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The NYS Sign Association was incorporated in 1956 with a primary goal of promoting the welfare of the sign industry. Leaders from companies across the state banded together to conceive and inaugurate progressive self-educational programs. They developed networks for new opportunities for the sale, manufacture and maintenance of signs for the mutual benefit of the sign industry and the public at large. Both union and non-union shops, sole proprietors and large corporations are active in the operation and promotion of this vital trade organization.

The byline “ Education, Advocacy, Networking” highlights the current function of the NYSSA.

Events are held regionally to educate members on new products, procedures and opportunities to enhance their business. Executive officers and affiliated experts assist with restrictive sign code issues and promote the education of planning officials statewide. Regional and state meetings enhance our networking as professionals creating contacts for sign surveys and installations state wide. This three pronged approach has enabled the NYSSA to advocate for and educate its members for over 50 years.

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Members of the New York State Sign Association may be located using this link. They represent a wide range of sign services offered in New York and the North East, even national and international accounts.Go There